Need help! Mining solo on my cluster (phoenix miner)

Hello Friends!
So I returned to the QuarkChain system))

in the distant 18-19 years, I was mining quark on the test network and then for a long time on the main network (500k blocks)

and just the other day I remembered my first serious project and decided to shake the old days and deploy my cluster.
having raised all my notes and the github of the project, I managed to do it) then everything did not go so smoothly …

And Im stuk such a problem: in order to connect with my rig on 3080 video cards to my cluster, I need to use the Phoenix miner of the latest versions, since it has a LHR hack. And before that, for video cards in different chains (0-5), I used only a custom ethminer from developers, in which there was a --shard-id parameter to select a chain.

And now a question for experienced guys who are in the know))

How to add a parameter to the Phoenixminer that is responsible for the chain I need, on which I want to mine with my rig? :thinking:

Or do I need to somehow make settings on the cluster side so that using the port through which I connect with the rig, I get to the right chain?

Thanks in advance! :pray: :pray: :pray:
as I’ve been struggling with this issue for two days now, but I realize that I lack technical knowledge :triumph: :sweat_smile: