How to mine QKC?

I’ve been mining QKC for a while now in SOLO mode, and it seems that i make the same amount of coins like in group mining. So i was searching on google how can i Mine solo without the pool middle man, but i got lost.
Can anyone please give a tutorial how to mine Solo directly? and also do i need a copy of the blockchain (local node) for that?
Tq in advance.

My QKC wallet: 0x3AF9fE35D280ADA5a5edB1BEf3ED872a3231d73C00000000

Welcome to QuarkChain nawfalona!
Basically you don’t need a node to mine. The team has made mining as easy as possible for you. Check this out:
and especially this:

The long-awaited one-click mining software has been released This version of ethminer supports getting miner mining addresses from getWork rpc ( Just fill in the shard id you want to mine and your mining address. Note that the mining address here is 20 digits. You can use your ETH address or the mainnet online wallet address (excluding the next 8 digits). No need to maintain a full node by yourself, you can achieve the mainnet mining.