QuarkChain Mining Tutorial and Q&A

Use QPool to Mine


ShardChain0: pool.qpool.net:8008
ShardChain1: pool.qpool.net:8018
ShardChain2: pool.qpool.net:8028
ShardChain3: pool.qpool.net:8038
ShardChain4: pool.qpool.net:8048
ShardChain5: pool.qpool.net:8058

Use Claymore to Mine


POOL: pool.qpool.net:8008, WALLET: YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS


-allpools 1 -mode 1

Use Ethminer to Mine


ethminer -G -P stratum1+tcp://YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.UESRNAME:PASSWORD@pool.qpool.net:8008


ethminer -X -P stratum1+tcp://YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.UESRNAME:PASSWORD@pool.qpool.net:8008

Use FULLNODE to Mine

Check the document: QuarkChain Miner Handbook

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  • Q: Why can’t I get mining rewards by using Binance or MetaMask address?

    A: You should use QKC mainnet address to mine. You can download QPocket APP or using QPocket Chrome Extension to generate QKC mainnet address. Remember delete last 8 digits when you use QKC mainnet address to mine because the last 8 digits are for Shard Chain.

  • Q: How much does QPool charge for mining?

    A: QPool is a decentralized and SOLO pool, not PPLNS. It’s free. Every coin of rewards will transferred to miner’s wallet as soon as the block is mined.

  • Q: How many times is mining QKC more than mining ETH with the same hash power?

    A: You can check the Mining Caculator to find the latest result.

Use PhoenixMiner to Mine

Pool Url: POOL: pool.qpool.net:8008, WALLET: %WAL%

  • Q: Why can’t I see any payment history in my statistic?

    A: There are not transactions history of rewards for mining now. We’ve suggested developers of mainnet to add this feature.You can found that your balance was changed since mining started.

  • Q: I followed the instructions setting my miner but I always got errors. How can I solve it?

    A: Paste your commands and error messages here, then our engineers will help you fix it as soon as possible.

  • Q: I mined a few dozens of QKC and payment was settled, but I didn’t receive anything to my ERC20 tokens.

    A: Mining rewards are QKC mainnet tokens, not ERC20. You need mainnet wallet to check the rewards.

  • Q: Can I mine directly to metamask eth address? Btw, what’s with deleting the last 8 digits?

    A: If you use Metamask eth address, you don’t need to delete the last 8 digits. QKC mainnet address is 8 digits longer than ETH address, they are for the ShardChain index. When we mine, the address should be the same length as ETH. However you can’t check the rewards on Metamask, you need a QPocket wallet to check the rewards with the same private key.

Please note that if you use ethminer 0.18.0, you may experience frequent network disconnect problem. This should be fixed by using 0.17.0 version.

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  • Q: In case somebody used ETH address from HW wallet like Trezor or Ledger than he wouldn’t be able to get to coins cause private key isn’t accessible at least for Trezor, am I right? Do you plan to add support for Trezor?

    A: You are right! QPocket which supports Ledger is in review. We don’t have a plan to support Trezor until now.

  • Q: Why can’t i deposit QKC to binance, anyone knows? Says invalid address.

    A: Binance doesn’t support mainnet token. You can deposit on Kucoin and Gate.io and swap them to ERC20 tokens then transfer to Binance.

  • Q: According to this table, mining on shard3 with 83mh/s will give 3848 qkc/day. is that correct? sounds too good imo

    A: The result is calculated assuming that you have staked enough QKC.

  • Q: Can I mine and receive coins on ledger eth address?

    A: No. Rewards are only transferred to QKC mainnet address.

  • Q: What does FullProof-of-Staked-Work Support mean? Any info link?

    A: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/proof-of-staked-work-ef36f9499279

  • Q: How to import pk from nano s?

    A: It doesn’t support nano s.

  • Q: How do i swap it for erc20 on kucoin?

    A: Deposit mainnet token and withdraw with eth address.

  • Q: I bought 71000 qkc on kucoin and have a small mining rig that produces 83mh/s.
    I’ve read a lot about qkc maining, staking, posw and whatnot but the more i read the less i understand.
    Fist, what i’d like to know is, can i earn more with my mining rig by mining QKC than mining eth/etc?

    A: The profits are the same as ETH if you mined QKC without PoSW because miners would make the profits balanced. The more you stake the more you earn. You will got one PoSW block every 256 blocks if you stake 71000 on Chain 3. It takes 10 seconds to mine block on average. So one day you can mine 24 * 60 * 60s/(256 * 10s) = 33.75 block. 33.75block * 2.86qkc / block=96.525QKC. So you would earn more 96.525 QKC than eth every day.

Video: QuarkChain Review and MINING Guide [Step by Step]!

We publish pool0.qpool.net as a backup of pool.qpool.net.
You can use pool0.qpool.net instead of pool.qpool.net once pool.qpool.net doesn’t work

Claymore Command
EthDcrMiner64(.exe) -epool stratum1+tcp://pool.qpool.net:8008 -ewal 0x1234…abcd -epsw x -mode 1 -allpools 1

-epool -ewal -mode 1 -allpools 1 are necessary

For ethminer you give this command

“ethminer -X -P stratum1+tcp:// YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS . UESRNAME : PASSWORD @pool.qpool.net:8008”

when accessing qpool.net there is no possibility to login or make an account. How to mine??

It’s not necessary to login or make an account. It’s decentralized. Username and password can be whatever you want. :wink:

Well, when doing that (that’s what I did in the first place) the mining is stopped immediately and aborted when starting so that’s why I asked this question

Discovered the QKC address was not in coinbase format so that was the reason the mining was aborted, skipped the last 8 digits and now it worked.


Yes, the address is in ETH address (20 bytes) not QKC address (24 bytes). @jishankai Could you please update your post and note the difference?

Yes. I explained this in the first question of Q&A. However, I can’t edit the old posts because the old posts can’t be edited after they were posted one or two days later.

I was mining on Qpool.net. In the miner ststistic Total Rewards on shard 1 is ≈ 500 QKC and shard 4 is ≈ 10300 QKC. But in mainnet wallet i have less than 1500 QKC. I don’t understand

What’s your wallet address you mining on? And how long have you mined on QPool?