Shard 6 - no blocks solved for 12+ hours

When trying to mine on shard 6, there is no GetWork response…
Also on block explorer, it shows no block solved for many hours.

Any ideas? Look at the time stamp on last solved blocks compared to other chains…

Would restarting the node solve the problem? Looks like the node may be stuck for getwork

We found a performance issue caused by cache:

A fix is already merged, and a release will be made soon.

Shard 6 mining should now work properly.

FYI… Shard 4 is doing it now…

@qizhou , was the fix from October applied to all shards?

Should apply to all shards. Looks like some machines leave shard 4 so that there is no block produced.

This seems like an opportunity…
If miners have left shard 4… then the difficulty should slowly fall until low enough to get miners to come back to it.

As a miner, why would I move to shard 4 to “restart it”… if other chains have lower difficulty?

Just a idea.

I will try to move a miner to shard 4 later and see if I get a work package. If yes, I have enough hashpower to get the shard back going again…

Yep. That is the design for QuarkChain, where the difficulty will slowly reduce and there is an arbitrage opportunity :slight_smile:

Okay. Yes, I see.
You can look at the screenshot I sent earlier…
The last block mined was at 121.425 difficulty.

I moved to Shard 4 to see… and the difficulty was down to 97.947. So it was dropping.
I jump started the shard by solving a block… block time 8.43 hours.

What it is … there are two miners doing PoWS.
One has 18 allowances.
One has 236 allowances.

That is only 254 allowances. These miners have program to move to another shard if their allowances are used up…
So they got to where both of them left the shard, and nobody was there to mine the last 2 blocks to get them to come back and mine their PoSW blocks.

So I mined the two blocks for them, and now they are back…