Qpool.net Blocks

On qpool.net, in the Pool section,

Shard Chain 0 last block found was 2021/02/25 10:14:21 GMT±6.00.
Shard Chain 1 last block found was 2021/03/14 11:31:26 GMT±6.00.
Shard Chain 2 last block found was 2020/12/16 01:58:25 GMT±6.00.
Shard Chain 3 last block found was 2021/02/25 10:16:25 GMT±6.00.
Shard Chain 4 last block found was 2021/02/04 08:55:15 GMT±6.00.
Shard Chain 5 last block found was 2021/02/13 22:37:26 GMT±6.00.

Some chain haven’t had blocks for months. The most recent was 2 days ago.

My questions are, where are the transactions, and blocks? How are miners supposed to make a profit using qpool.net?

Binance and Kucoin have over a million USD a day in transactions. What miners are processing those transactions?

I’m trying to understand QKC, but what I’m seeing from the outside looking in is not adding up. What am I missing?

The blocks found weren’t updated correctly on QPool.net. In fact, miners have mined the blocks and got the rewards. QPool is a decentralized pool without fee. The rewards for blocks mined will be immediately sent to the wallet address of miners.

Binance and Kucoin are centralized exchanges. It’s nothing about blockchain.

Please join our telegram channel and find more information.

I will mine and see if get solo blocks that pay to verify. Thanks for this information. When is the pool display going to be fixed?

You missed the point of my question. I clearly understand exchanges versus blockchain. The point of my question was answered by you when you explained that the pool display of mined blocks is broken. The answer to my question is that Qpool.net is handling transactions, it’s just not apparent from the pool website statistics.

Telegram advice mostly points us into this forum which is why I’m here. Now you point me back there. Getting clear simple instruction is not easy at this point in time. I hope this improves for the long term viability of miners utilizing QKC.

Case in point. Your mining instructions say to use the one-button ethminer created by Quarkchain, but only the ethminer from ethereum-mining on GitHub actually works. I did find this information in another post, which is a direct conflict of the mining instructions. The incorrect instructions should be changed or removed. It’s this type of misinformation that is hurting this project. This project has caught my attention, but I have had to sift through a lot of conflicting difficult instructions to get this far.

I offer these opinions as a first-time QKC’er coming in blind. It has not been easy. The Youtube video you point to in a post, shows the instructor giving up on Qpool.net and uses Ontopool instead. Qpool.net should not be this difficult to use. Thanks again for all your work on this project. I look forward to your continued improvements.

Qpool should be renamed Qproxy. It’s not a pool…your solo mining. And the one button miner is for chain 6 and 7, QKC hash algo. I believe Qpool is only chain 1-5.


The pool display often broke and I didn’t find the reason. It doesn’t block mining and miners don’t complain it any longer. Because we don’t have enough bandwidth on this, so I left it there. You can check the blocks you mined by searching your address on mainnet.quarkchain.io.

Ontopool is more like a pool than QPool. But Ontopool only supports non-PoSW mining. If you stake QKC, QPool is the only choice. It’s the reason why QPool is a solo mining pool.

Thank you a lot for your feedback.

After you mentioned this, I tracked it down. There are two one-button miners. One is for Chain 1-5 (which does not work - I’m now using Gminer), and the other is for Chain 6 & 7. I need to study a bit more to determine the differences.

Thanks for the info. I did put my address in the Explorer, but it only shows the total number of tokens, not the blocks mined. Is there another way? I’m not staking any QKC yet, because I just started mining and didn’t purchase separately. I’ll look into staking next.

The one for Chain 6&7 is for CPU mining.

You should choose the chain which you are mining.
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