How to Use Metamask for QuarkChain

Set up Metamask for QuarkChain

Manual Instructions

  1. Open Metamask, and select “Custom RPC” from the Network Dropdown.

  1. In the “Custom RPC” Settings, add in the QuarkChain network details for a shard and click Save. Different shards have different configurations. The following sample is the configuration of share 0. For the configuration of other shards, you can see here:

Transfer QKC

  1. click the “send” button on the metamask to transfer the QKC token.

  1. Fill in the amount you want to transfer, and click “Next” → “Confirm” to finish the transaction.

Use of Remix (deploy a simple ERC20 contract)

  1. Usage Remix to edit and compile contract

  1. At Environment, choose Injected Web3, select the deployment account and click deploy.

  1. After successfully deployed, you can add tokens to metamask.

4) After the ERC20 token is added to metamask, you can transfer the token to other accounts.

  1. You can see the transaction state and history under the Activity tab in Metamask.