Need step by step guide to stake on Chain 1 to unlock PoSW

I am really struggling to figure out how I stake my QKC on Chain 1. All the how-to guides I can find are only for staking on Root-Chain.

I am not a programmer. I am a miner. I don’t want to mine on someone else’s staked coins. I want to stake my own, and mine on them.

I know how to buy the coins. I know how to move them to my Chain 1 wallet on QPocket. What do I do from there? How do I stake them to Chain 1? Please be as specific as possible.

I found this post:

But what I don’t understand is (1) what is all that code they have posted on github, and what do I do with it… and (2) it says to send QKC to certain contract addresses listed by chain. How do I do that using QPocket wallet? Is it as simple as sending it like I would to any other wallet? I want to make sure I won’t lose my coins.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

Sorry, one more thing. If I do need to send coins to that contract wallet, it says to do with minimum 200,000 gas. Is that paid in ETH? Or do I just use some QKC to pay for it? If it needs ETH, how do I add ETH to a QKC wallet?

Sorry for all the questions. Obviously I’m new to this. Most of my crypto experience has been simple mining ETH to an ETH wallet, and selling it on an exchange.

So it appears I figured it out. This was WAY more simple then I thought.
Literally all you have to do is move an amount of QKC greater than 1 allowance to a wallet.
I moved some 20,000ish QKC to a shard 1 wallet.
Then I setup my miner to mine to that wallet.
It appears POSW is automatic, and you can see I mined my 1/1 allowance.

I now feel comfortable and safe to move more coins into that wallet, to increase my number of allowances.
Maybe if someone else was worried about the same thing, this thread will help.