Excessive Rejected Shares while CPU mining

Has anyone else had issues with CPU mining, and having excessive rejected shares? I’m using this miner from GitHub.

$ docker pull jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkchashX1.0

I have tried this in windows docker, on a linux server, and I have tried downloading the windows.zip version. Regardless of the version, I’m getting around 30% rejected shares.

I thought maybe it was a latency issue, so I tried connecting via various clusters. Regardless of which region of cluster I connect to (using the --farm command), or even if I simply use fullnode.quarkchain.io:38391… I get the same results.

Is this normal? Any advice? I feel like I’m wasting 1/3 of my mining power. I’m connected to --shard-id 60001, and I’m solo mining with stake difficulty allowances.

How about --shard-id 70001?
How much hashpower do u have on chainshard6, did you stake QKC on it?

I get the same results on shard 70001… about 1/3 rejected.

I have been mining for over 1 month (some days on shard 6, some days on shard 7, based on network difficulty)… so this is not a small sample size.

I have 704,000 QKC staked… so when I’m on shard 6, I have 20 allowances. When I move to shard 7, I have 5 allowances.

For the last 3 days, I’ve been on shard 6, with 20 allowances… and I have 13,500 h/s hashpower (24 threads). The highest I’ve seen me get is 17 of 20 allowances. Lowest 5 of 20. I know luck plays into that… but in my head, when I see 1/3 rejected shares in the mining client, and I feel I’m missing profit opportunity.

The last 3 days I’ve been using Windows Docker. I’m using Windows 10 Pro. I have network hardwired. CPU is a Ryzen 3950x. The only other processes running while I mine is Phoenix Miner, where I have 150 MH/s mining Ethereum, using GPU’s. I have 16gb of ram. Using a NVME SSD hard drive. I have the page file disabled.

So I may have found something / got lucky…
All the clusters I had tried to connect to were the ones that had peers. (from the list at http://mainnet.quarkchain.io/network )

I tried the one pictured about 16 hours ago… and I have had 100% accepted shares for 16 hours.
I’m going to stay on this cluster for a while, and will report back results.

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I should mention if any other miners are reading this. You have to connect to port 38391, not 38291.

UPDATE: Been running over 40 hours now, 100% accepted. Seems this issue is resolved and closed.

Cool! Thank you for your update!