Mining Secrets for Element Miner are Published

Some players who like to challenge themselves would like to try to utilize the mutually promoting and restraint relationships to collect these 5 element tokens without using QSwap, so as to get a higher mining profit. Isn’t this a bit greedy? Can such a challenge be realized?

It is actually possible, e.g., using multiple wallet addresses to mine different element tokens, and then transferring the tokens between these wallets to efficiently collect five-element tokens.

Isn’t digging five tokens from five wallets hard enough? Then we have a way to dig for 5 tokens in only one wallet.

We’ve prepared such a secret that can keep all five elements at Level 5 and turn on the offline mining so that you can dig whatever you want when you are offline.

Strategy for five elements at Level 5 :

Randomly find a starting point of the cycle, such as: starting from the earth, i.e., earth restricts water-> water restricts fire -> fire restricts metal -> metal restricts wood -> wood restricts earth.

Keep earth at Level 1. First, manually upgrade the five elements successively : (water Level 9) -> (fire Level 5) -> (metal Level 5) -> (wood Level 5) -> (earth Level 5). At this time, water drops to Level 5. Thus, the total is 228 times of manual mining.

If only the earth element is kept at level 1, the remaining four elements can be raised to the highest level of 30 in turn.

If all five elements want to be unlocked at Level 5 and continue to be dug manually without dropping below Level 5, you can raise the starting point ( water) to Level 10. When the end element (earth) reaches Level 5, the water only drops to Level 6. Next, mine for the element whose restraint element is Level 6, so that it can be cycled without falling below Level 5. In the same way, the level does not rise at the same time, but only circulates through four elements of Level 5 and one element of Level 6.

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