Consortium Blockchain Explorer Investigation - Quorum Cakeshop

Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol with transaction/contract privacy and new consensus mechanisms.

Quorum Cakeshop is more than blockchain explorer. It is an integrated development environment and SDK for Ethereum-like ledgers.

Key Functions

Blockchain Explorer - view transactions, blocks and contracts, and see historical contract state at a point in time

Admin Console - start & stop nodes, create a cluster and view the overall status of your network

Peer Management - easily discover, add and remove peers

Solidity Sandbox - develop, deploy and interact with Solidity smart contracts

RESTful APIs - easily interact with your blockchain via the Cakeshop APIs

As you can see, Quorum Cakeshop provides tools for managing a local blockchain node, setting up clusters, exploring the state of the chain, and working with contracts.

On the other hand, Cakeshop CLI inherits the Ethereum console which exposes the full web3 JavaScript Dapp API and further administrative APIs.

P.S. there is another third party tool Quorum Blockchain Explorer - a Blockchain Explorer for Quorum which supports viewing private transaction.

Authentication & Authorization

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A contract named AccountManager.sol receives requests from a valid implementation contract as defined in PermissionsUpgrdable.sol. It stores the data of all accounts, their linkage to organization and various roles. The contract also stores the status of an account. The account can be in any of the following status - PendingApproval, Active, Suspended, Blacklisted or Revoked.

A permissions smart contract design follows the Proxy-Implementation-Storage pattern which allows the implementation logic to change without changing the storage or interface layer.

Native Token Support

In Cakeshop, you can transfer ETH on the WALLET page. The pricing of Gas has been removed, although Gas itself remains.

The JPM Coin will be issued on Quorum Blockchain. JPM Coin is based on blockchain-based technology enabling the instantaneous transfer of payments between institutional clients.

JPMorgan’s Blockchain Platform Quorum Used to Tokenize Commodity Assets

Smart Contract Management

On startup, Cakeshop will deploy a custom Smart Contract Registry onto the configured chain. This registry contract is used to store metadata about the contract, most importantly the ABI and the original solidity source. Once deployed, the registry’s address is stored in the config file under the contract.registry.addr key.

High-level Architecture

Spring Boot + NodeJS + HSQLDB(PostgreSQL, etc.)