Consortium Blockchain Explorer Investigation - FISCO BCOS

FISCO BCOS blockchain browser is capable of blockchain visualization and real-time presentation. Users can get the information of the blockchain through web pages.

Key Functions

The aim is to visualize the data in the blockchain and display it in real time. It is convenient for users to obtain the information in the current blockchain through Web pages. The main functions include:

Overview information: the block height of the current group, the total number of transactions, the number of transactions being processed, the PBFT view, the transaction volume of the last 15 days, the node overview, block overview, transaction overview;

Block information browsing: including block list page and block details page;

Transaction browsing: including transaction list page and transaction details page, transaction analysis, event analysis.

On the other hand: CLI console is an important interactive client tool of FISCO BCOS. It establishes a connection with blockchain nodes through Web3SDK to implement read and write access requests to blockchain node data. The console has a wealth of commands, including querying blockchain status, managing blockchain nodes, deploying and calling contracts, etc. In addition, the console provides a contract compilation tool, users can easily and quickly compile Solidity contract files into Java contract files.

Authentication & Authorization

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Native Token Support

De-tokenization. The transfer payment logic of Ether has been removed. The Solidity contract method does not support the use of the payable keyword. The gasPrice is fixed at 300000000.

High-level Architecture

vue-cli + nginx + Spring Boot + Tomcat + mysql

Smart Contract Management

The related operations of contract management include freezing, unfreezing, query status, authorization, and query authorization.

ContractLifeCyclePrecompiled, a pre-compiled contract for contract lifecycle management, is used to set a specified state for a specified contract and provide query functions:

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