What Are The Limits To The heterogeneous sharding


I would first like to start off by saying I am not the most technical person in the world, so if my questions sound weird please excuse me. I watched a video about quarkchain heteregenous sharding capabilities and I found it very interesting. The way I look at it, if there is a new blockchain structure that is introduced quarkchain can create a new shard and fork that new tech.

However, does the sharding have any limitations on what new chain it can fork? For example, there are projects that are not necessarily blockchains. An example would be fantom (because fantom uses a Dag structure). Could Quarkchain make a new shard with the properties of Fantom Coin?

Another coin that I believe would be even more curious to know the response of is Arweave. Arweave seems to be a new tech that is also not really a blockchain (they call themselves a blockweave). Arweave allows for data storage (Such as videos, photos, etc.) to be on top of their “blockweave”. Is it possible for Quarkchain to create a new shard that has similar properties to Arweave blockweave?

I think the question regarding Arweave is more important to me, because Arweave is so different from traditional blockchains in general.