QuarkChain TPS Competition Final Leaderboard Announced with 310,000 TPS Achievement

The QuarkChain TPS competition has been successfully concluded after about a month. This event has received many positive responses from our supporters and developers, as well as supports from developer communities and college alliances all around the world. Thanks again for everybody’s enthusiastic participation.

In this competition, the Go version of the QuarkChain Mainnet has aroused lots of programmers and hackers’ enthusiasm to join the challenge. Even if we continued to increase the difficulties of the challenge, the Peak TPS challenge of 100,000, 200,000 and 300,000 TPS have all been achieved by the challengers. After the final review by our engineers, we’re proud to announce that the final peak TPS for this competition was 318,052 .

Though the final peak TPS number cannot fully represent the actual performance of QuarkChain’s Mainnet performance, this result has approved that the QuarkChain QuarkChain’s Mainnet does have outstanding processing capabilities. This is a historic moment. From now on, TPS will no longer be the bottleneck of the blockchain system. QuarkChain is proud to be the unveiler of the era of high-performance blockchain systems. This is the best recognition of our design solutions and engineering capabilities. Meantime, we also know that the solution of TPS problem is just a milestone for us, there are still more problems waiting to be solved. The blockchain industry has a long way to go. We will continue to implement the original vision, achieve the planning functions, and continue focusing on building the ecosystem, and strive to deliver the first public chain eco-universe to the community.

Before publishing the results officially, it should be noted that all received TPS results have been analyzed and verified repeatedly by our core development engineers to ensure that the results are true and reliable. For some of the false results we have received, we have repeatedly studied and demonstrated their cheating behavior, and finally excluded these submissions from the list. We will not accept reconsideration here.

In addition, we firmly believe that the TPS competition is not the end! To encourage everyone to continue exploring new possibilities and the performance of the Go version QuarkChain, we decided that we will keep the 1,000,000 peak TPS challenge reward as the after-competition challenge! The challenge method and reward remain the same, and all the participants can continue to solve the problem.

The final highest peak TPS prize leaderboard is given as follows:

First Place:0.5 BTC + 1,000,000 QKC


Github fork: https://github.com/HangyuYe/goquarkchain/blob/ce57a6ffdcaf977707bf06c9fbbc47c741df72c5/TPS.md


Second Place:0.15 BTC + 300,000 QKC


Github fork: https://github.com/w852963/goquarkchain/commits/master


Third Place:0.1 BTC + 200,000 QKC


Github fork: https://github.com/Tonight-hi/goquarkchain


Fourth Place:0.05 BTC + 100,000 QKC


Github fork: https://github.com/jingye2014-bj/goquarkchain


Fifth Place:0.05 BTC + 100,000 QKC


Github fork: https://github.com/LaughInWind/goquarkchain


Congratulations to all winners! Besides the highest peak TPS rewards, we also have the participation rewards and referral rewards for all the people who participated in QuarkChain’s TPS Competition. Thank you all for your participation and positive recommendations. We will send messages to these the winners of those rewards and process the further steps.

Same as last year, we will invite the winners and ask them to share their experience for this competition. If you have any questions you want to know, please leave your comments here or send us a message. Thank you all again for your support!