QKC node syncing problem

Hello, I have experienced several times problem with my node syncing.

After unexpected shutdown of my server due to power failure QKC node was not able to start syncing from last block (before shutdown).

Each time I have to delete qkc-data folder, download new snapshot (now being 84GB) and start node again. Its quite annoying luckily its not happening too often :slight_smile:

I run several other nodes (other coins) and they are able to pick up syncing from last synced block.

Looking forward your comments

pyqkc or goqkc?


Thanks. Let me start a node and power off it to see if it is reproducible.

Power cycle 3 times on a machine in digital ocean. First 2 works, but the last one fails to restart with the following error:

Have you experienced the same problem?

Hi Dr. Zhou, Yes i think I got same error message. Unfortunately i didn’t take screenshot.

A bug is filed: https://github.com/QuarkChain/pyquarkchain/issues/895

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