POSW locking more coins that required

With the recent Mainnet upgrade (staking requirement and block value reduction) I have noticed a bug, where POSW function is locking more coins than it is actually required. Actually network is locking coins like before mainnet upgrade.

For example before Mainnet upgrade, on chain1 I have 110K QKC and i found 5/5 POSW blocks. Still I am able to withdraw 10K QKC from wallet because they are not used in staking.

After mainnet upgrade, I have 100k QKC on wallet, chain1, and i found 5/5 POSW blocks. Chain should lock 88K QKC and 12K should be unlocked and available for transfer but its not. Mainnet is locking 100K QKC!

Yes. Here is a little confusing.

The reason is that total stake per block is not changed, but you can get more PoSW blocks with the same amount coins. If you stake 105.6K you can get 6 PoSW blocks.

Thanks for quick replay. Its its clear.

The intended behavior should have “locked token” = “PoSW required token”. However, we do find this mismatch and will fix this issue in the next upgrade.

Great ! Thanks for update.