Contract base staking guide for small QKC stakers by QKCPOSWPOOL

QKC DEVs have finally created smart contract which will allow small staker to stake their QKC native coins and earn back some interest. Contract code can be found on their github page on following link:

QKC POWS RENT deployed contracts, at the time of writing, on chain 1, chain 2 and chain 3 with following wallet addresses:







More contracts might be created based on users feedback

Staker can send their QKC to above mentioned contract wallets in minimal amounts of 17,600 QKC for chain1 and 35,200 QKC for chain2, using gas limit of 200,000. Coins and contract have to be on same chain (if you wish to stake coins on chain2 contract, move coins to chain2 before sending them to contract address otherwise transaction will fail). At the time of writing chain2 have much lower mining difficulty and it is more favorable for mining. Please feel free to join our Telegram group and ask admin which chain is most favorable at the moment.

Contract interaction details (how to check your current balance, how to withdraw coins from contract etc.) can be found on following Medium article:

If you wish to stake bigger amounts of QKC (several millions of coins) please contact our admins on telegram group and we will mine directly to your wallet.

DO NOT SEND QKC TO OTHER ADDRESSES EXCEPT ABOVE MENTIONED CONTRACT ADDRESSES. Someone can pretend to be part of QKCPOSWPOOL team and ask you otherwise! Stay safe, stay smart! New contracts which might be added will be announced on our Telegram group.

Current ROI for QKC staker is ~1.8% per month. ROI is adjusted based on mining difficulty and QKC/ETH price levels.

Happy staking ! :slight_smile:

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