Exchanges won't let you withdraw QKC mainnet coins

Can anyone on the QKC dev team help with this?

From what I read, the only way to convert ERC-20 tokens to mainnet tokens is to use an exchange.

Kucoin has had QKC withdraw disabled for MONTHS.
MEXC has had QKC withdraw disabled for almost 5 days now.

I have emailed their support, but I get no answer.

How can a miner get mainnet coins for PoSW if the exchanges won’t let us withdraw the coins to personal wallets???

Thank you for any help.

QuarkChain is going to have a mainnet upgrade so major exchanges may suspend withdrawal due to the upgrade (Apr 11, 9pm PST). After the upgrade, we will check with the exchanges and once the network is stable, they will resume withdrawal again.

Thank you for the response.
About 4 days ago, both exchanges opened up withdrawals again. I was able to buy and withdraw the coins I wanted. I think Z3r0 who I was talking with on Discord got with KuCoin staff and things got worked out.

Thank you for making us aware that the wallets may enter maintenance again for the upgrade. Upgrades are good for the overall project health, so I will not complain :slight_smile: