QuarkChain Foundation Grants Program

At QuarkChain, we believe in the power of our community and regard it as an essential factor to help the network grow and thrive. Therefore we would like to request engineering and product help in several areas, and for now we will explicitly list certain tasks and projects at the very first round.

The listed projects will start with an expected funding amount which can be negotiated depending on the progress and final outcome of the work. During the development, team members from QuarkChain will work closely with the grantees, to provide technical support and product insights.

Round 1


Building a web front-end for multinative token auction, issuance, and gas reserve management.

Initial funding amount in QKC:

$2,000 ~ $5,000

Expected period:

1 month


The web page should support basic interactions with the QuarkChain network to auction new native tokens, mint new tokens, and provide gas utility functionalities per QCEP-5 and QCEP-6.

Currently, QuarkChain network already supports all the operations, and the UI/UX design is already done. We will need experienced web3 developers to finish the final piece of the work.

Required skills:

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • web3.js interacting with QuarkChain network
  • Technical understanding on how QuarkChain sharding works

Application form: click here


Q: What’s the funding process?

A: Depending on the scope of the work, the Foundation may split the whole work to several milestones according to the timeline, and the Foundation will inspect the progress and deliverables of each milestone and make a decision to continue funding or not, based on the quality of the deliverables. Therefore the funding will also be based on the number of milestones.

For example, let’s say we have a project with 2-phase milestones. At first, the Foundation will fund the grantee one-third of the negotiated funding (say, total funding amount is $3,000, and one-third of it is $1,000), then after 2 weeks, the foundation sees the deliverables and agrees it meets the expectations, then releases another third of the funding ($1,000). After another 2 weeks, upon checking the quality of the work, the foundation will decide whether to release the last part of funds.

Q: How to make sure the process is fair?

A: When negotiating the actual timeline and deliverables with the grantee, the foundation will be very explicit on the project requirements and make them as objective as possible (“we need the web tool to be mobile-friendly” instead of “we want a beautiful website”), thus the assessment process for each milestone should be straightforward.

Q: How does the foundation choose the team? What are the factors that will affect the decision?

A: The foundation will check the potential grantee’s previous works, team size, dedication to our network, etc.