Partnership Update | QuarkChain Joins BiTA and Participates in the Global Blockchain Logistics Innovation

The cooperation between QuarkChain and Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA) has entered a new stage. At present, the QuarkChain LOGO has been updated on the BiTA official website. As the cooperation progresses, we will publish more information in the future.

Founded in August 2017, BiTA consists of staff with extensive experience of logistics technology and freight transport management. Its goal is to develop and promote blockchain application standards of logistics and transport industries. Currently, about 500 international logistics and technology enterprises have joined the alliance, including UPS, FedEx,, KPMG, GE and so on.

The global Third-Party logistics(3PL) has been developed rapidly and its market scale has climbed from 541.6 billion US dollars in 2010 to 819.6 billion US dollars to 2017. There is still huge market space in this field, especially for the Asia-Pacific market logistics, which keeps a strong growth trajectory.

Thanks to the open, transparent, and immutable property of blockchain technology, the logistics industry is naturally suitable for blockchain technology with high performance to guarantee security and anti-forgery as well as to improve transparency and communication efficiency. Several blockchain applications in logistics have been deployed recently. QuarkChain has signed cooperation agreements with plenty of logistics associations and enterprises, which occupies a significant amount of QuarkChain’s ecosystem layout.