Call for help: come and test our multinative token auction!

since we are launching mainnet 1.4 very soon to support auctioning / issuing new native tokens, please help us test these features as much as possible!

we have a front-end (click here) still under development but enough for simple uses (metamask required), and it’s connected our devnet. please try using it and finish following steps!

  1. make sure you have some test QKC on devnet in shard 0, which will be used to auction new native tokens (minimum auction bidding price is 1 QKC). you can use the faucet or ask admin to get more test QKC
  2. auction a new token (the name should be >= 5 characters, name it whatever you want!). one round of auction is 10 minutes, which means if no other person is outbidding you, you will have full ownership of that native token after ending the auction in 10 minutes
  3. once the auction finishes with your bidding token, type the name in the upper search box and go to the token management page
  4. mint your tokens and feel free to send it to other people!
  5. now we want you to use the token to pay transaction fees. in the management page, “register” in the shards in which you intend to use the native token
  6. after registering, set an exchange rate for your native token to QKC and deposit some QKC as the gas reserve (both of which can be done by clicking the set rate button)
  7. once you have a reasonable rate and enough QKC as the reserve, you (and all other people) should be able to send transactions using your native token as gas, which will be converted to QKC and deducted from the reserve. this is a big difference comparing to an ERC-20 token

if you finished all the steps, feel free to reply in this thread and share your feedback (and your own native tokens)!


About the “Exchange Rate”, I am a little confused about the rate, QKC/NativeToken or NativeToken/QKC

Do not accept decimal point?

Does this auction web page support the edge explorer?

Token name: SKRSKR

when page is disable, no where to show the disable reason.

What is the Rate mean? NEW TOKEN / QKC = RATE? Can it be Decimal? if no? the new token price can only higher than QKC.

PINGKE token has done. Set rate always fail.

Me too. I mean set rate failed.

confused by the separating line. Which shard does the red part belong to?

Hello, how to get testnet QKC?

If possible send it to my wallet :


you can use the faucet