QuarkChain shared its unique DeFi technology at On-Chain Financial Technology Conference in Korea

QuarkChain participated in the 2020 On-Chain Fintech online conference held in Seoul, South Korea, on July 24th. QuarkChain founder and CEO Dr. Zhou attended the conference in the form of video connection and gave a speech titled “Building the next-generation DeFi platform” online sharing.

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The purpose of this conference is to discuss how applications on the blockchain will affect the future development of financial technology. Korean relevant associations in the economic field, regulatory agencies, several major banks, and global Internet companies all attended the meeting. The conference topics covered many financial technology fields. NH Nonghyup Bank, Seoul City Council, Woori Bank, Hana Bank, Corporate Bank, Shinhan Financial Group, Visa Korea, IBM, City Bank, etc. attended the conference. In addition to online participation, more than 200 people attended the event on-site.

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QuarkChain shared its unique DeFi technology with heterogeneous sharding at the conference. The speeches shared at the same time were MakerDao, Hedera Hash Graph, ChainLink, and Lambda 256, etc. In the online video, Dr. Zhou first introduced some structural problems in the rapidly growing DeFi field, such as fragile security, inadequate throughput capacity for explosive transactions, and bad user experience. To solve these problems, QuarkChain designed the next generation of the DeFi network with higher security goals, lower transactions, high usability, and more convenience. Based on the unique heterogeneous sharding technology, QuarkChain developed the underlying technology of the public chain, which has exceptionally high flexibility and scalability and can avoid potential security vulnerabilities caused by inconsistent permissions between native ETH and many ERC20 ecological tokens on Ethereum. Relying on better scalability and parallel processing mechanisms, QuarkChain has achieved an improvement in the transaction processing capabilities and provided better development and user experience.

QuarkChain has been developing more advanced DeFi products for a long time, and it has built up partnerships with MakerDAO, Chainlink, and many companies. QuarkChain has the ability to play a meaningful role in the early development of the DeFi industry. Stay tuned with us to look forward to more applications.

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